Using Crystals for Divination

  • Crystals have certain meaning associated with them, for a quick answer to a question put these crystals into a bag and pick one. If two or three fall into your hand at the same time, read the meanings from them all. (the Crystal Bible - Judy Hall)
  • Amethyst: A life change and shift in consciousness. Faithfulness in love, freedom from jealousy.
  • Agate: Worldly success or a pleasant surprise. Good health, wealth and log life. Particularly lucky for people connected with the land.
  • Blue Lace Agate: Healing is needed.
  • Black Agate: Needs and will find courage and prosperity.
  • Red Agate: Health and longevity are yours.
  • Bloodstone: Unpleasant surprise, unlikely to be illness.
  • Red Jasper: Pay attention to earthly affairs.
  • Aventurine: Future growth and expansion are possible.
  • Garnet: A letter is on it's way.
  • Citrine: Celestial wisdom is advising you.
  • Diamond (or clear quartz): Permanence. Business advancement. If the crystal loses it's sparkle, betrayal.
  • Emerald: Fertility or a secret admirer. If colour pales, love is fading.
  • Hematite: New opportunities await.
  • Jade: Needs and will find immortality and perfection.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Divine favor is yours.
  • Quartz: Be sure to clarify issues you asked about and those that arise.
  • Rose Quartz: Love and self healing are needed and will come.
  • Snow Quartz: Profound changes are coming.
  • Ruby: Power and passion, good fortune and friendship but beware of strangers.
  • Sapphire: Truth and chastity and the past will catch up with you.
  • Snowflake Obsidian: End of challenging time.
  • Tiger's Eye: All is not as it appears to be.
  • Unakite: Compromise and integration.
  • Opal: Death or endings. If the crystal loses its brilliance, an unfaithful lover.
  • Sardonyx: A wedding may be in the offing.
  • Topaz: Exercise caution.
  • Turquoise: A journey is imminent.

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Amethyst Spell


When emotionally upset, jilted by a lover, ending a relationship, stressed to the point of severe mental problems, or when in any unstable condition, go to a place outside where you can be alone. Hold an amethyst in your left hand (or right, if left-handed). Pour out all your feelings, your…

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